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BASED ON A TRUE STORY - A Leica Akademie Workshop with Gus Powell in Washington DC

In this workshop Gus Powell will explore the narrative and poetic qualities of photography and the photobook. He will discuss working within the tradition of street photography to make work that embraces both the universal and the ambiguous in equal measure.

The workshop will begin with a presentation of Powell’s work: the inspiration and creation of past projects, the books and their maquettes, his work for editorial and commercial clients, and his ongoing practice as a street photographer. It will continue with portfolio reviews and exercises shooting in the street. It will conclude with classroom editing exercises involving collaboration and the union of text, image, and design.

Topics Covered:

  • Authorship & storytelling.

  • Finding inspiration in unexpected histories and heroes.

  • The comedy & tragedy of the human experience.

  • “Sketching.”

  • Making something out of nothing.

  • Using language to elevate rather than explain.

  • Embracing chance.

  • Getting into trouble. Getting out of trouble and getting on with it.

Who should attend this program?
This workshop is intended for the intermediate or experienced photographer that 
is interested in street photography and moving towards the creation of a body of
 work. It is expected that participants are already comfortable with proper 
exposure and general camera use.

For more information and to register visit Leica Akademie